October 20, 2014

Griffith: No decisions yet on Carnival 2015


Minister of National Security Senator the Honourable Gary Griffith wishes to advise that there is no concrete decision by the Government on the postponement of Carnival 2015, so as at this time, Carnival 2015 is still scheduled to take place at the dates carded.

The Minister notes that if the decision to postpone Carnival 2015 has to be made by the relevant authorities, it would be in the best interest of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

He asserts that as it stands now, the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Health are working assiduously alongside a number of organisations with the view of preventing the Ebola virus from entering the country, whilst at the same time, ensuring a state of readiness amongst members of the National Security Operations framework.

Minister Griffith reminds that many similar territories have recently hosted their own versions of Carnival, including Labour Day in New York, London Carnival, and more recently, Miami Carnival, whilst ensuring that the necessary precautions were implemented.

Minister Griffith advises that his Ministry continues to work alongside all agencies and stakeholders to ensure that a responsible approach to the management of all decisions related to the Ebola virus is maintained.



Let Jesus Row – J Prince

Let Jesus Row J Prince Aftertouch Music 2018 (c) Album: ELEMENTUM
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Scrappy To Start Tour In Russia

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Happy Holidays From Caribbean Insight TV! is glad to share the latest Caribbean Insight TV episode. This installment focuses on Parang music and the influence it has had on West Indians throughout the Caribbean. From Chutney Parang to Jab Jab Parang, Carib...
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