November 9, 2016

Brooklyn Soca Artiste Lands Deal


Starting the early stages of his music career in his cousin’s basement studio, his music is now being listened to by more than one million Tri-state residents on late night show after landing a deal with a major network.

Soca artist Mikel Stewart, who goes by his stage name “Lil Slick,” is a Brooklyn-based soca musician. His energetic song “Vibes Right,” is the catchy intro music for the My9 reality show, “Ride With Me TV.” After Stewart’s song was pitched to the network in June of this year, it landed him the opportunity of a lifetime — having his music as the first thing viewers hear when they tune into the show, he said.

“I was happy — for the first time someone wanted to use my stuff and to actually use it as the intro song playing? ” he said. “A lot of people like it.”

The late night show “Ride With Me TV” follows up-and-coming artists, their music, fashion, and their lives. He was introduced to the show when his management team liked the two-year–old song and shopped it to different stations, coming upon to My9.

“They liked my song — they liked it,” he said. “They told me they would like for it to be the intro song for the show and it was a good oppurtunity.”

Stewart recorded the song in 2014 but as one of his favorite songs he says he is proud to have it as the intro music.

“I pitched the song to way before and I had a couple of other songs,” he said. “This song is old but I really like this song.”

The song “Vibes Right” has been the intro music to the show for two months now and will continue as the intro music for the remainedr of the season, allowing Stewart’s music to reach more listeners throughout the Tri-state region.

Inspired by artists such as the king of soca Machel Montano, who he met three years ago, and rapper Lil Wayne, he says both men exhibit a mixture of the versatility he produces in his style, specifically Lil Wayne.

“He actually really inspires me — I love his approach,” said Stewart. “I like his aggressiveness, his swag, and how his approach is different from everyone. There is something about him I find that I can relate to.”

Stewart is working on his music for an upcoming project. Focusing on his music more seriously, he wishes to see more music opportunities, and as those chances roll in — he also hopes to reach more listeners through his lyrics.

“I would love my music to play on television — to be heard by millions of people. It would be nice and something to look forward to,” he said.

“When people listen to my music I want them to understand that these things go on in my life and it’s not just something I write down.”

Source: Alexandra Simon for

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