October 9, 2017

Big Bad Soca – Bunji Garlin


“Big Bad Soca,” an anthem of togetherness, unites people in a love of soca. The savant of soca and son of the Caribbean soil, Bunji Garlin, has again taken soca music to another original form of expression. Immediately, upon hearing the intrinsic rhythm of the song, I was transported to being thousands-strong, chipping down de road to beat of the music.

This is Carnival bacchanal, blazing sun, jump up with my friends and fun on the road personified. It can and will set dance floors ablaze anywhere in the world. As the song commands, “Take a chip / shake your hip / Take a sip”— staples for enjoying a jump by a big truck. This sentiment is echoed by the collage of colorful and magnetic images displayed in the video. Directed by Tom Swindell and released on the label VP Records, all the elements captured are a true representation of Carnival, traditional and contemporary. Through the diversity of the people, the looming presence of the moko jumbie, the vibrance and energy of the people jamming in the streets, the stick fighter, the iron rhythm section, blue devils, and the pretty mas: the essence and feel of the freedom of carnival and soca music are communicated to the audience. Every video still puts imagery to the lyrics and by doing so, the meaning is explained to those of us that don’t understand and is a reminder to those of us who do.

Source: Ayana Crichlow for

Big Bad Soca
Bunji Garlin
Album: Turn Up
VP Records



Let Jesus Row – J Prince

Let Jesus Row J Prince Aftertouch Music 2018 (c) Album: ELEMENTUM
by Phillip Lashley


Annie – Rome

Annie Rome Produced & Arranged By: Mevon Soodeen (Xplicit Entertainment) Videographer: Denithy Mastered By: Aaron Peters (Track7 Music) Soca Parang 2017 Official Music Video
by Phillip Lashley


Parang Slide – Lujoe & The Gifted

Parang Slide: Lujoe & The Gifted Director: Richard Ahong Parang Soca 2017
by Phillip Lashley



Traffic Jam – Mr. Legz

Traffic Jam Mr. Legz Producer: DJ Spider Mastered By: Adrian Bailey Whistle & Drum Riddim Edited By: Boss Raw Shot By: Kordel Fermin SOCA 2018
by Phillip Lashley


Ma-kit Play-ce – Nisa

Market Place (Ma-kit Play-ce) Nisa Nora The Village Riddim Gospel Soca 2017
by Phillip Lashley



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