April 4, 2019

Class is in Session for Stitchie’s New Album Releasing Soon!

He is a living Dancehall Reggae legend whose latest album will hit shelves on April 12, 2019. Entitled, “Masterclass“, Lt. Stitchie the Governor, provides listeners with 17 brand new tracks that promise to make listeners smile and press that repeat button regularly on their playback device.

Multiman of had the privilege of interviewing Lt. Stitichie live with 90.1 fm’s NastyJag Sound on “Pirates of the Caribbean”, one of the premier radio shows that plays Soca, Reggae and Dancehall music in Canada.

“Stitchie provided us with a taste of what can be expected from his new album and if the three tracks our ears feasted on are any indication of the quality of this album, then simply put, this album is a must have for all Dancehall and any music enthusiasts”, says Multiman.

In the interview, Mr. Stitchie sheds light on the deeper meaning behind the artwork on the cover of the album. World renowned Visual Artist, Andy Ballentine, painted both covers for the album, front and back, and does a fantastic job creatively capturing the inspiration and meaning behind “The Governor’s” work.

French producer, Manu Digital, is the man responsible for producing most of the tracks behind this masterpiece which features five Guest Artistes, namely: Ricky Stereo, Million Stylez, Fantan Mojah, Agent Sasco and Lukie D.

With big tunes such as “Like an Arrow”, Stitchie reminds us of his unapologetic, razor-sharp focus on moving forward (like an arrow), in the face of obstacles, pressures and forces that would like to disrail him off of his current path and disorient his navigation. However, with the Amighty as his due north, “Stitchie nah turn back!” With rhythmically poetic lyrics rolling off his tongue like water from a standpipe, Lt. Stitchie the Governor, hits us fast, slow and in between, all in this one track, which may just be a microcosm of the album as a whole.

For the full, complete picture, we will have to be patient for a few more days. We think “Masterclass” will be well worth it!

Album releases on April 12, 2019 • PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE ● FACEBOOK ☛ ● TWITTER ☛ ● INSTAGRAM ☛ ● WEBSITE LABEL ☛ http://xrayProductionOfficialWebsite

Click below to listen to some of Multiman’s interview with Lt. Stitchie the Governor on NastyJag Soundcrew’s Pirates of the Caribbean!

Masterclass Interview



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