April 2, 2012

Fay Ann Lyons


he Lyon Empress, Mane the Matriarch, the Silver Surfer, and whatever other titles she is known by, Fay Ann Lyons- Alvarez is true royalty. The daughter of Road March and Soca Monarch King Super Blue, and wife of the chanter Bunji Garlin, she made herself rise in her field on her own strength.

Just like her husband, she composes her own lyrics and melodies. Entering the soca industy in 2002 with ‘It’s My Turn Now’, she made her mark as a young, sexy, talented young lady with such hits as Display (Road March 2003) and Freedom

She became a front liner in the band Invasion and went on to bring even more hits before becoming a solo artiste in 2005. She also jumped in the Ragga Soca field with hits such as Breakaway, Most Wanted, That is Carnival, John Quickie and many others. She also showed of her melodious side with groovy hits as Wave, The Lyrics King and The Lyon Empress, and One Day as well as re-gain the Road March title with her 2008 infectious hit ‘Get On’. In 2009 the Queen cemented her name in history as being the first lady to claim all major titles of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Even though she was 8 months pregnant Mrs. Lyons-Alvarez copped the Groovy Soca Monarch, Power Soca Monarch and the Road March Crowns in February 2009.

Although the masses did not initially accept the relationship that was developing between Lyons and Alvarez, the stood proud and sealed their love on December 23rd 2006, becoming a force to be reckoned with on the Soca Scene while encouraging fidelity, something not very common among entertainers worldwide.



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