May 24, 2012

Blakey Wins 2012 Calypso Extempo Competition

Source: Vincy Mas official website

Vincent ‘Blakey’ Cuffy says that he feels good to have won the 2012 Extempo Competition.

‘Blakey’ won the competition for the fourth consecutive year on Saturday May 5th at the Solidarity Incorporated Car Park on Bay Street during the launch of Vincy Mas 2012.

Proving himself unbeatable in the Extempo competition Blakey disposed of three other competitors to take one of four crowns offered on launch day.

“This is four years, I feel good”, said Blakey.

The leather craft salesman came up against three other artistes in the form of ‘Sweet 16’, ‘Ras Boo’ and ‘Johnny Rebel’.
The competition began with each competitor pulling a topic from a cup and singing on it. ‘Sweet 16’ picked the topic ‘Anesia Baptiste’, ‘Johhny Rebel pulled ‘Arnhim Eustace’, ‘Ras Boo’ picked ‘Vincy Mas is the hottest Carnival’ while ‘Blakey picked ‘Miss SVG 2012’.

Making it onto the second round were ‘Blakey’ and ‘Ras Boo’. During this round the artiste did a song for song battle with Blakey beating Ras Boo into second place.
After being crowned, Blakey said that this year apart from taking part in the Extempo Competition, he will also be trying his hand at soca and calypso as a member of the Graduates Calypso tent.
“I have one calypso already and I will do another one if I get pick and i have a hot soca song soon to be releases called Swing the Bumsy so”, said Blakey.

Apart from being the EXtempo King, Blakey who has been involved in the local entertainment scene for over 40 years also won the junior monarchy for three consecutive years (1975, 1976 and 1977) while a student at the Stoney Grounds Primary School. He also boast of winning a calypso competition at Union Islands’ 1988 Easterval celebrations and a national road march title in Grenada also in 1988.



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