June 7, 2012

Island Fusion Reveals Its 2012 Enhancement Strategy

Island Fusion is once again seeking to raise the bar on what it offers its members as the ultimate Foreday Morning Jam experience. Having taken on board feedback received over the past two years, Island Fusion has developed its 2012 enhancement strategy, focusing on adding more value to their premium product.

The organisers behind the band, supported by a dedicated team of committee members, have implemented an action plan to enhance their entire operation, particularly in the areas of costume design, registration, security, road amenities and breakfast along with the development of the recently launched 2012 membership card which was spearheaded by the band’s Marketing Director Danielle Brome to increase the overall value the band offers to its members.

Sade Jemmott, director with responsibility for Media and Public Relations said: “We try to keep our social media platforms interactive as well as encourage members to approach any Director or Committee Member directly with their suggestions. This has served us quite well thus far as we continue to cater to our target market and remain tapped into their needs. Our strategy for sustainable growth really has been simply listening and delivering.”

As it relates to costume design, the band will once again feature the very popular firstcall costumes it introduced into the Foreday Morning Jam parade last year with innovative changes to depict this year’s theme. Additionally, the band’s Creative Director Toni Thorne promises “something special”.

Registration is perhaps the main focus of the enhancement strategy, with the band implementing for the first time a loyalty programme, whereby past members will be given a 2 week exclusive opportunity to register for the band before registration is opened to the general public, or while stock lasts. Island Fusion has also indicated an intention to adjust its structure in an effort to offer a more intimate experience. Also, with a view to enhance the family ‘vibe’ that is now their signature, Island Fusion will also introduce for the first time Friday evening after-work limes during the month of June while they conduct registration and once again during the week of distribution.

On the road, security will continue to be offered at a ratio of 1 security officer to every eight members, in addition to an unspecified number of plain clothed police officers. Road amenities will include two fully equipped music trucks, fully stocked drinks trucks and the inclusion of a small team of beer runners. A shuttle service to the beginning of the jump will once again be offered but with a more structured system of strict departure times, stated number of trips and boarding passes issued on arrival at the band’s jump base -Weisers on the Bay.

Jamilya Browne, the director with responsibility for Hospitality, has struck what she believes to be the perfect balance between offering a scrumptious meal and catering effectively to the numbers. As such, Island Fusion has this year discarded the buffet-style breakfast of previous years in favour of pre-packaged items for easier distribution. The breakfast stations will be set up on the beach rather than in Weisers on the Bay in the interest of space. There will also be prominent signage, more staff and security present to assist in providing a smooth, incident-free breakfast experience.

“In essence, while Island Fusion has enjoyed rave reviews in past years the team behind the brand is adamant about improving in every conceivable way and growing from strength to strength with each passing year. 2012 is therefore shaping up to be the best Foreday Morning Jam experience yet,” Rhea Mapp, Director with responsibility for Logistics and Operations added.

For further information, please visit or feel free to contact the Island Fusion team via email at



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