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Crazy, born Edwin Ayoung 1944, Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad. The mother Venezuelan and father Trinidadian of chinese descent. In his youth a skillful cricket player.
The “Loveable Lunatic of Soca”, artistically underrated in his native land but one of the most commercially successful artists on international soca scene. An experimentalist. He pioneered Parangsoca music (Trinbago Christmas music) and played a leading role in promoting chutney soca. (Nani Wine)

Initially used sobriquet Wong Ping (1970/71) then Mighty Arawak. He was encouraged by a calypsoian friend “Calypso Height” (Solomon Findley) who wrote his first calypso (Chinaman). He was dubbed Crazy by Doran Hector (Versatile) and was encouraged to go solo after showing talent as a chorus singer. He was first recorded by Granville Straker of Straker Records in 1972 (NY).

He was selected by tent manager Mr. Syl Taylor of Sparrow’s Original Young Brigade (OYB) making his debut at the tent in 1972 with double entendre “The Electrician” (issued as a single with “Religious Procession” on the Crazy label) and performed as guest artist at that year’s Queen Contest.
Crazy remained with OYB until 1979 gaining popularity each year. Presented “No African Name for me” 1976 and released single “Satan Coming”/”Tight Mas” on Charlie’s label. Sang “A Great Achievement” (issued on a single with “Raper Man” in 1977).

Crazy had a successful 1978 season with no. 1 best selling single “Dustbin Cover” and “Listen Joffre Serrette” on Crazy Records Label.
Debuted in National Calypso Monarch final with both selections, placing second to Calypso Rose. Had major Yuletide hit 1978 with self-penned “Parang Soca”, the first example of soca blended with Trinidad’s Christmas music. Crazy used a mixture of chutney, parang & soca and media hype to make his debut LP Super Album on Crazy Music (incl. “Parang Soca”) the biggest seller of 1979, selling 35,000 in Trinidad & Tobago alone. Crazy was an undoubted star of OYB that year and well before being selected for the final he threw TT$100,000 into the Calypso Monarch purse with the condition that Mighty Sparrow and Lord Kitchener, who’d both retired from competition, should be brave enough to compete against him.

He took Super Album cuts “Guadeloupe Chic” and “Back To Pan” to third place in 1979 Monarch final. Had runaway hit Christmas parang 1979 with magnificent “Muchacha”, issued on 12″ with “Parang Soca” and included in album Madness Is Gladness, both on Crazy Music. Crazy has 40 Soca parangsoca hits so far up to the year 2013.

Crazy made his big screen acting debut in local movie “Bacchanal Time” 1979 in leading role as “Pretty Boy Reds”.
Crazy didn’t sing in a tent 1980 and despite the late release of Madness Is Gladness (one week before Carnival Monday), it became one of that year’s best-sellers including his no. 1 top selling Carnival single “Don’t Try That”.

Joined Kingdom of Wizards tent 1981 where he performed one of calypso’s gems of all time “In Man’s Search” from My Method Of Madness on Charlie’s label.
Tied second in 1982 Road March race with “Uncle Crazy” (aimed at youngsters) from his no. 1 best selling album Crazy on Charlie’s label.
Appeared in Trinidad All Theatre Productions’ as an actor – singing performer in Cinderama 1980, Snokone and the Seven Dwens 1981 and J’ouvert 1982. Toured UK, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy with latter May-June 1982 as character Chief Crazy without a horse, together with Paul Keen Douglas Cast also incl. Lord Relator, Lord Superior, Astor Johnson and the Samaroo Jets (led by Jit Samaroo).
Made dynamic UK soca debut 28 Aug. 1982 With Arrow (Alphonsus Cassel), Notting Hill Carnival weekend, co-headlining with Relator at north London’s Pickett’s Lock Centre.

Found permanent home in the REVUE tent 1982-2010. Made it to the finals on twelve occasions.
Returned to London April 1983 to perform at the Tempo Calypso ’83 with Arrow at the Commonwealth Institute. Sang in Calypso monarch finals 1984 with a song called “Soca Tarzan”, which came second in Road March contest; both songs incl. in no. 2 best selling album New Directions on Kalico label.

1985 Crazy’s 12″ single “Suck Meh Soucouyant”, a celebration of folklore superstition mixed with sexual innuendo, took possession of Trinbagonians two weeks after directly receiving the Holy Sacrament from the Pope, to become the unstoppable Road March winner of 1985. Crazy has come second in Road March 11 times since 1985.

From 1985 onwards Crazy did lots of panorama pieces for top arrangers like Leon “Smooth” Edwards, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Jit & Amrit Samaroo, Clive Bradley, Robbie Greenidge, Pelham Goddard and Ray Holman. Pan songs including “Band from Space”, “Sharing Licks”, Soucouyant”, “Ramona”, “Play yuh Self”, “Scratch Attack” and “Women in Pan” to name a few. Over 40 pan songs to his credit. In 2008 he did a record of 11 pan songs in a year which was never done before, not even by the Lord Kitchener.
Placed second in Road March race following year with “I Want It Back” from mini album “Fire” 1986 on Crazy Records. Appeared with Relator and Brigo in Caribbean Calypso Tent Road Show in London March 1986.
Crazy had a big hit in 1987 with title track of album “Chief Crazy” on Crazy Records and in 1988 the 12″ single “Drive It” on Crazy Records was a popular tune on the road.

1989 was a big success with the title track from album “Nani Wine” on Trinity label. A double entendre Chutney Soca. Still the biggest chutney soca of all times.
Crazy had party hit 1990 with “Gimme More” from mini-album Soca Beti on Benab label.
Produced & wrote a big hit for Byron Lee in 1991 Jamaica carnival “Bacchanal In the City” on Dynamic label in Jamaica, from which he sang “Fools” on that same Byron Lee album.

Switched to JW Productions 1992-1999. Sang party hit “De Party Now Start” (written by Merchant & Crazy) from initial release Crazymania plus unrecorded “Advice To Married People” at the Revue for 1992 season. Another party track “Penelope” was also a hit.
He toured Sweden in 1992 with Swedish only soca band “Soca Rebels” led by Lars Hansson and was influential in spreading soca in that country, went back to that country on 5 other occasions successfully.

His tent selections for 1993 were “Paul” and “Jump Up And Wail” from Let’s Go Crazy. The controversial double entendre “Paul” (penned by Winsford Devine) was popular throughout the season, while “Jump Up And Wail” gained momentum as a party and road tune towards the end of the season.
1994’s Crazier Than Ever spawned the hits “OPP in De Party” and “Dis Is How”. Sang “Cough Remedy” and the party tune “Heat Up De Place” (incl. in Crazy For You) at Kitch’s tent 1995.
He sang “Put Yuh House in Order”, “Get On” and the Shadow/Crazy penned title track of “Wildness” in the tent 1996.
Contributed to compilations JW Parang Soca Christmas Vol. 1 & 2 1996.

In 1997 Crazy produces and recorded over 20 calypsoians who had never recorded before including: Bro Marvin (Jahaji Bhai) – Pink Panther (Animal Symphony) – MBa – (I prefer now) – Tameika Darius – (Ungrateful) – Lady Gypsy (Vintage Wine) – Lady Wonder – Allrounder – Leon Coldero – Merchant – Blue Boy – Hamidullah – Delamo – Luta – and Tempo – to name a few.
Marked 25th anniversary with album Still Crazy After 25 Years. Placing third in Soca Chutney Monarch 1997 with performance of track “Jammania” together with unrecorded “Phulbasia”, and sang cut “Jump & Mash Up” in International Soca Monarch final 1997.
Performed “Mosquito” and “De Ride” 1998 (both compiled on JW Calypsoca ’98 Hits and incl. In album Ah Crazy Again) singing latter in that season’s International Soca Monarch final.
In 1999 Crazy made the finals in the calypso monarch placing 3rd with “Put your house in order” & “Liars” – people said it was robbery again with these classic calypsos.

In 2000 – Crazy took calypso to a different level with a classic called “In time to come” where he predicted America will have a black President, which he said that when he first sang it in the Revue calypso tent opening night in Arima Trinidad, people was saying “no way’ a black man could not reach that far, he also predicted that Trinbago will have a woman Prime minister, and it came to pass.

In 2001 – Crazy came with another classic in calypso name ” Shoes” which some pundits say is the greatest social commentary pertaining to Indian/African problems in Trinidad & Tobago, some people were even saying that he was robbed of the calypso monarch that year, together with another classic song “Approaching 40″
Between 2002 – 2006 Crazy had parang soca hits like “Put Jesus in Your Christmas – “Keep it holy” – “Crazy for Jesus” and “Merry Christmas”.

In 2007 – Crazy came up with a monster Groovy Soca hit “Cold Sweat” that rock The whole Caribbean, North America & Canada.

In 2012 – Classic calypsos by Crazy “Javelin Jubilation”, ” The Fall guy ” “Kublalsingh”, and “I for Kamla” were all well received.


source: (Crazy’s Official Website)



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