May 30, 2013

Jamsey P Music Deal


Jamesy P


Already a superstar, local Soca artiste James ‘Jamesy P’ Morgan is making even bigger strides in the music industry in 2013.

Apart from releasing 2013 music that is currently getting heavy rotation on the local and other Caribbean airwaves, Jamesy P has managed, through local Producer Mark Cyrus, to pen a deal with C2W Music Publishing Ltd and the TV series ‘Rogue’.

Jamesy P’s song ‘Gangsta’ which was co-written with Mark Cyrus is part of the soundtrack of Rogue, a series which aired worldwide on Direct TV on April 3rd.

Rogue is produced by Nick Hamm and Matthew Parkhill and tells the story of Grace Travis (Thandie Newton), an undercover detective tormented by the possibility that she caused her son’s death.

Jamesy P said that he and Cyrus worked on ‘Gangsta’ at Cyrus’ Master Room Studios back in 2005 and he received a call from Cyrus in November last year telling him about the possibility of the song being signed.

“That song was recorded in 2005 but the thing is, music is a thing that never dies, especially good music and when Mark called me and said people are interested in it I told him to go ahead”, said Jamesy P on Wednesday.

He added that he is thankful for the song being signed and it could not have been possible without Cyrus who is a C2W signed songwriter.

“This is a big step”, said Jamesy P who added that the song Gangsta is a hip hop/ dancehall tune that depicts life in the ghetto.

“Since 1993 I have been doing music but I went professional from 2000 when I began going to Jamaica to record at Tuff Gong Studios and it is from there that my career jump off”, says Jamesy P.

He added that he took a break from the local music scene last year and stayed in New York and that time was used to reflect and observe.

“I rearrange the thing. I was silent and listening more and talking less and I learn more and I come back hard this time”, said Jamesy P who placed fourth in the Soca Monarch competition in 2011 with ‘No Prisoners’.

In relation to Carnival 2013, Jamesy P stressed, “Carnival 2013? Everything shell down…bare shellings”, said Jamesy P, using the phrase form one of his 2013 releases ‘Shellinzzz’ which is done on the Honeycomb Rhythm.

The artiste who is originally from Long Piece, Lowmans Windward said that so far he has two tracks on radio,  ‘Paranormal’ (Paranormal Rhythm) and ‘Shellinzzz’ (Honeycomb Rhythm) and both tunes, “have already build themselves and Shellinzzz is number two on Hitz FM 103.7 charts, while Paranormal is #2 on the hot97 top five at five.

Dwelling on his 2013 productions, he said that he is working with one of Saint Vincent newest and youngest top producer  Wetty Beatz productions out of France, Wetty as he’s popularly known by is originally from Union Island but lives in France, Jamesy P states that he is also working with Mark Cyrus from Master Room Productions. He is hoping to release another song ‘Fake Frenzzz’, today Friday May 31st.

The dedicated artistes whose career jumped off in 2004 has in the past gave us hits like ‘Nookie’, ‘Leave me Alone’ with Skarpyon (Road March 2006), ‘Ants in yo sugar pan’, ‘Tell me wife everything’ and ‘Losing Control’ with Kevin Lyttle.

He said that this year after taking a break last year, he is hoping to take part in all major competitions and does not see a dual placing in the Ragga Soca and Soca Monarch competitions as a difficult thing to achieve.

Both competitions will for the first time be held on the same night Saturday July 6th.

“I definitely will be in Power Soca, they have to definitely look for me because I have some serious power tune to drop…”, said Jamesy P who added that he has no problem with the pairing of the shows as, “once you put your mind to it you can pull it off”.

He added that so far, artistes have released very high quality music. He spoke specifically of Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd and stressed that artistes who complain of not getting airplay should work on putting out good music, “and I think if you put out good music the DJs will most likely play it”.

He added, “it is not about putting out a lot of tunes but it is all about the solidity of the tune and how it represents the culture and yourself”.

The laid back artiste who is always ready to say something witty and follow up with a smile said that he resided in the BVI for the past 20 years but has now moved backed to St. Vincent.

“Carnival 2013 looking nice… I get to understand they have a car for me…so I just going to go and take it”, said Jamesy P smiling as usual.

This year’s Soca Monarch winner will be given a Nissan Skyline car compliments Coreas Hazells Inc.





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