August 21, 2013

2013 Results – Spice Mas





Soca Monarch Final Results

NO.  NAME                                        SOUBRIQUET              SCORE

1       Jalon Olive                            Boyzie                              419

2       Elimus                                     Gilbert Inspector    402

3       Jevaungh John                  Lil Vaughn                   368
3       Digaan Henry & Nyelon Williams       Lil Natty & Thunda 368

5       Shem Bernard                           Terror Kid                     343
6        Randy Issac                              Randy Issac                  333
7        Sheldon Douglas                     Sheldon Douglas         330
8        Kelon & Kelson Ogiste           Luni Spark & electrify 326
9        Finley Jeffery                            Scholar                          322
9        Kevin Celestine                         Otis                                  322
11      Laura Richardson                    Laura Lisa                     308
11      Nekoyan Bain                             Nekoyan                       308
11      Kennedy Mapp                          Kennedy                       308
14     Gordon Agard                            Soca Banton                298
15     Dave Peters                                 Boogie B                        287
16     Asim Bernard                             Sylum                             285

Groovy Monarch Final Results 2013

NO. NAME                                            SOUBRIQUET              Score

1     Wrenroy Ogiste                       Blaka Dan                  430

2     Finley Jeffery                           Scholar                       405

3     Finber Andrews                      Shortpree                 398

4     Elwin Mark                                  Elo                                     370
5     Sheldon Douglas                       Sheldon Douglas          366
6     Clint John                                    Super Flying Flint       363
7     Kelvin Celestine                        Otis                                    357
8     Randy Isaac                                Randy Isaac                   356
9     Jerry Baptiste                            Pappa Jerry                    348
10  Valene Nedd                               Valene                               330

Calypso Monarch Final Results 2013

NO. NAME                                          SOUBRIQUET                SCORE

1      Ketura George                          Ketura                         839

2      Finley Jeffery                          Scholar                        824

3      Sean Niles                                   Sour Serpent            820

4      Sheldon Douglas                      Sheldon Douglas            815
5      Kelly Clyne                                 Rootsman Kelly             809
6      Randy Issac                               Randy Issac                    808
7     Jerry Baptiste                            Papa Jerry                      797
8      Phelon Blacket                          Smallies                            792
8       Thomas Morain                       Foopy                                792
10    Nashanda Charles                   Nashanda                         784


Road March

WINNER Lucozade King of the Road Boyzie Mas Everywhere

Fancy Mas – Band Of The Year

WINNER Andre Garvey & Associates The Reef 1053
2 LIME Commancheros & Associates Moods and Attitudes 1052
3 Helen Maria & Associates The essence of life 1010

Traditional Mas – Pageant Winner

WINNER Hermitage Shortknee 271
2 House of Justice 251
3 Demonic Angels 248

Monday Night Mas

WINNER Digicel/Flow/Westerhall Estates Colours for 2013 735
2 Grenada Breweries Ltd Grenada Nice 729
3 LIME LIME n 24/7 728

Jouvert Morning Bomb Tune Competition

WINNER LIME Commancheros Hear my cry 82
2 Coyaba New Dimensions Thats the way it is 78
3 Republic Angel Harps Moon river 76

Jouvert Winners

WINNER Ole Mas Ind. Jenner James
Most Comical Evlyn Mark Judas Wife
Most Original Jenner James Going Green
Best Current Affairs Jenner James Going Green
Ole Mas Band Café Bull Ole Mas Is Stupidness
Jab Jab The Real Jab Jab
Coloured Jab Foam on de road



Disappointed Mr. Killa Not Defending Crown

Those who expected to see Hollis Mapp, aka Mr. Killa, defend his crown this year at International Soca Monarch, will be disappointed to learn that the energetic Grenadian has bowed out of the competition. Those close to him hav...
by Phillip Lashley


Kes Calls For Road March Contest Improvements

Lead singer of Kes The Band, Kees Dieffenthaller is suggesting that Road March be determined by songs played on the streets and not at judging points. Kees came second in the 2019 Road March contest, with his ‘Savann...
by Phillip Lashley


Mr. Killa Wins International Soca Monarch 2019

Mr. Killa, from Grenada, has been the favourite all season long to win his first International Soca Monarch competition as his mega-hit, Power Soca tune, “Run With It” has been in heavy rotation on soca airwaves wor...
by Phillip Lashley



SpiceMas Soca Monarch Results 2016

Soca Monarch Results 2016 (First Name/ Last Name/ Sobriquet/ Song /Score 1. Jalon Olive Boyzie Bulleyes 448.5 1 2. Dingaan Henry Lil Natty & Thunder Take It To Them 417.5 2 3. Trevor Douglas Mush Man In My Head 397.3 4. Sho...
by Phillip Lashley


Grenada’s Soca Monarch Wins First Arrow Tribute Soca Competition

Grenada’s 2015 soca monarch, Boyzie, won the first Arrow Tribute OECS Soca competition on Wednesday evening at Heritage Village in Salem. Despite the late start, the energetic crowd supported the seven artists competing for t...
by Phillip Lashley



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