February 28, 2016

Arrogant – Kerwin Du Bois

It would be evident when watching this video that Singer/Songwriter/Producer Kerwin Du Bois drew major influence from one of most creative minds in music; POP legend Michael Jackson. If you are wondering whether Kerwin’s love for music was heavily influenced by MJ, the answer is YES. It has never been Kerwin’s prerogative to be average or normal and this video is reinforcement of this. Not that he is trying to be ARROGANT… well … if he was, it would be understandable (all sarcasm intended.)

Kerwin would admit, creating this video was not easy feat but it was worth every single retake, every hour and location change to ensure his vision was met. Director and Editor Sean Padmore who was responsible for the creation of Kerwin’s hit video for “No Apology” has one of the craziest minds which was perfect for this project yet again. Padmore and his team pooled every bit of their crazy creativity which can be seen in the final product. Along with the crazy creativity we are labelling the animation done by award winning animator Nicholas Maxwell, “The best in Soca.”

ArrogantStarring – Kerwin Du Bois Directed & Edited by Sean Padmore



No Apology – Kerwin Du Bois

No Apology Kerwin Du Bois Directed & Edited by Sean Padmore
by Phillip Lashley


Kerwin Du Bois

“If I fail to succeed then success is my failure, I was born a winner,” this is the mantra that has kept this singer/songwriter/producer going over the many years he has been involved in the music industry. Born in the capi...
by Phillip Lashley



Bacchanalist – Kerwin Du Bois

Watch the official Bacchanalist music video, by Kerwin Du Bois.
by Soca Master



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