August 8, 2016

SpiceMas Soca Monarch Results 2016

Soca Monarch Results 2016
(First Name/ Last Name/ Sobriquet/ Song /Score

1. Jalon Olive Boyzie Bulleyes 448.5 1
2. Dingaan Henry Lil Natty & Thunder Take It To Them 417.5 2
3. Trevor Douglas Mush Man In My Head 397.3

4. Shondell Amada Dash Ah Hearing a Call 395.4
5. Kellon & Kelson Ogiste Luni Sparks & Electrify Whole Heap ah Mas 379.5
5. Elimus Gilbert Inspector Greenz 379.5
7. Shem Bernard Terra D Governor Suicide 365.7
7. Javis Cuffie Muddy Madada 365.7
9. Finbar Andrews Shortpree Mas Well Played 352.9
10. Edson Mitchell Ajamu The last Wave 346.1
11. Keishon Hazzard Squeeze Head Have to Mash Up 345.11
12. Jevaughn John Lil Vaughn Titans 341.12
13. Finley Jeffery Scholar Take Jab 336.13
14. Damion La Pompe Pappi Boi Leave We Alone 328.14
15. Kendel George Ledneck Born Mad and Bad 326.15
16. Sheldon Douglas Sheldon Douglas Sample 325.16
17. Nelson Mapp Mr. Razer Change We Say 301.17



Grenada’s Soca Monarch Wins First Arrow Tribute Soca Competition

Grenada’s 2015 soca monarch, Boyzie, won the first Arrow Tribute OECS Soca competition on Wednesday evening at Heritage Village in Salem. Despite the late start, the energetic crowd supported the seven artists competing for t...
by Phillip Lashley


2013 Results – Spice Mas

        Soca Monarch Final Results NO.  NAME                                        SOUBRIQUET              SCORE 1       Jalon Olive                         [&hell...
by Phillip Lashley



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