September 3, 2016

Bravo & Gayle Protect Their Stumps!

Early on in their innings, these explosive West Indian cricketers, have a reputation for taking chances. Off the field, however, they plan to cover all their bases (please forgive the baseball pun). Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle have become the faces for “Skore,” a condom brand launched in India on Thursday. Their slogan reads, “Why be a player when you can be a Champion.”

“I’m here looking at myself on a condom box. It’s just amazing. Chris Gayle on a condom box. Unbelievable eh! Jesus! I love it, I’m getting goose bumps. Remember safe sex is important. Fellas, practice it”, says Gayle.

The two superstars were their usual exuberant selves during the launch for the new brand, as they danced to Dwayne Bravo’s “Champion” song. The song owes much of its success to the West Indian men’s cricket team, who powered and danced themselves to victory in the sixth installment of the ICC T20 World Cup, held in India earlier in the year. Becoming the first team to win the tournament twice, the men from the Caribbean would excite the crowd doing the “Champion” dance after every game. The dance garnered more world-wide attention with every victory, eventually making its way on to the set of CNN!

It seems, instead of prancing down the line to crush sixes over mid-wicket, these two plan to wine in their crease for the time being, keeping temptation out of their head.

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