October 17, 2019

We Got Love – ISASHA

We Got Love


Official Music Video

Severe flooding left residents of Greenvale Park, La Horquetta devastated on October 18 & 19 of 2018. Reggae singer, Isasha, already mourning the loss of his brother, “Million Voice” just weeks prior, was among those who urged the community to band together and uplift one another in a spirit of love.

As cherished belongings and “necessities” drifted away in over 5 feet of water in certain areas, families were left with nothing but themselves. Caiman and snakes were seen drifting with the current as people scampered to find safety, clinging onto rooftops. But, amidst all the sorrow and pain, a relentless will to survive and help out those who were most in need prevailed. The strength of a people, a community, and a nation emerged, manifesting itself in selflessness and “brotherly” love for all.

As a result, Isasha inked this song.



Red, White & Black – ISasha

Big Up ISasha and The Official Music Video For “Red, White & Black” … We On De Attack!!!
by Phillip Lashley


Wining Symptoms – Isasha

If you haven’t heard Reggae artist Isasha’s soca tune “Wining Symptoms”, check out the official video here and tell us what you think!
by Soca Master



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